Spinach and Testosterone


spinach testosteroneSpinach can be surprisingly helpful in providing a boost to testosterone levels. A few years ago, this leafy green became known as the first official super-food and it hasn’t looked back. It’s known to help fight cancer, weak bones, the general cold and everything in between. Even Popeye used it as the world’s quickest ever muscle building supplement. All jokes aside, spinach can be incredibly useful in promoting the rise of t levels among men. Below we will get into exactly how it does that.


Contains Magnesium

Spinach contains Magnesium which has been proven to be super effective at boosting t levels. In one study, researchers recorded the levels of testosterone and magnesium in 399 men with an average age of 74 years. They found that higher serum magnesium levels correlated positively with higher magnesium level and this was consistent across all the men. In another study, two groups of athletes were separated, and one of the groups was give magnesium supplements daily for 4 weeks while the other group was used as a control. The results showed a marked difference between the two groups with the group given Magnesium recording significantly higher free testosterone levels. However, it should be noted that both groups saw increases in testosterone due to the fact that they were both exercising a lot during that time frame. This reinforces the idea that foods like spinach combined with a lot of hard exercise will be a lethal combination in raising free testosterone levels.

Spinach is very high on the list of foods that give you the most magnesium bang for your back. The spinach should be cooked to be most effective and 1 cup (180g) of cooked spinach will give you around 157mg of Magnesium or 39% of the daily recommended value for an adult. So a few measuring cups of spinach a day will certainly steer you in the right direction.

Has Effective Vitamins

The amount of Magnesium you get from spinach is the main reason why we recommend it but it also gives you significant amounts of vitamin b6 and iron which are also great for boosting t levels.

How We Like to Eat It

Here at Natural Testosterone Secrets, we prefer to cook up some frozen spinach with breakfast in the morning and mix it with some garlic (for taste) and have it on toast with an egg. Fresh spinach definitely tastes better but it goes off super quickly and you will have to go the store way too often, frozen should do the trick for what you need. The egg also helps to promote testosterone production.

Spinach and Libido

Spinach is probably best known for its ability to help boost libido and help with erectile dysfunction by lowering blood pressure and increasing the ability of the body to pump blood to all of its extremities if you catch my drift. It does this by increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the body.


But whatever your reason for wanting to raise your testosterone levels, whether it be to increase libido, get more energy or increase strength, spinach should really help to do the job well for you. If you want to get the most from it, then be sure to pair it up with a strict exercise regime and I guarantee you will see a boost in testosterone levels if you are not already exercising regularly (exercise on its own will help to raise testosterone levels even if you don’t eat spinach).

I hope this article has been useful for you and that you will at least give spinach a try. Feel free to leave your thoughts and send in your results to the comments box below.




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