How do Prime Male and Testofuel Compare?

So you need a test booster but both Prime Male and Testofuel are supposed to be great value for money. Both of these supplements seem to share seven common ingredients which are tremendously effective. However, dosages in both these supplements of these seven vital ingredients seem to vary. For example, Prime Male seems to contain stronger doses and it also has five extra ingredients that seem to add overall value to the product. However, the debate surrounding the use of Prime Male vs Testofuel is endless and we’ve decided to review both products to settle the debate once and for all.

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Both products have large quantities of Vitamin D3. Both products also seem to have the same dosage of Vitamin D3 at 5000 International Units. As Vitamin D is critical to the development of muscles, bone and tissue, high doses of this mineral are highly effective and essential during workouts. Furthermore, Vitamin D is one of the building blocks for testosterone. Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to low male hormone levels and it can negatively impact your workout routine as well. As a result, high doses of this Vitamin are critical to overall health and quite valuable during workouts as well.

The next important ingredient on the list is Vitamin K2. This vitamin too contributes to testicular health and ensures the proper metabolization of fat, minerals and other materials. Essentially, it also monitors the level of testosterone in the body and ensures that the testes have enough raw material to make testosterone. Interestingly, both Prime Male and Testofuel seem to have significantly different dosages of this vitamin. For example, Prime Male contains it at a higher dose of 45 mcg while Testofuel contains a dose of 18 mcg. We believe that this difference is primarily due to the targeted age group. That means Vitamin K is required in larger amounts in men over the age of 30 as testosterone levels tend to taper off during this decade of life. Prime Male is intended for this age group. On the other hand, Testofuel targets a younger age group that manufactures higher amounts of endogenous testosterone and they can make do with a lower dose.

Vitamin B6 is next on the list as it is also important to blood testosterone modification. It seems to raise the level of blood testosterone by stimulating production from the testes. However, dosages in both the supplements are critically different. Again this difference is due to the targeted age group. For example, Prime Male targets the over-30 male and provides a higher dose of 7.5 mg while Testofuel is intended for the younger age group and provides a lower dose of 5 mg.

Magnesium doses also vary in both products. Testofuel ( 200mg) seems to contain twice the dose of magnesium as compared to Prime Male (100mg). The action of magnesium in the body is simple as it allows testosterone to be absorbed by the correct receptors present in different parts of the male body. As a result, it can lead to an improvement in muscle mass, muscle definition, and overall male good health. As Testofuel seems to contain a higher dose than Prime Male, it could be much more effective at sharpening a receptor’s sensitivity to endogenous testosterone. This is expected as Prime Male is intended for an over-30 age group who already have a low natural testosterone level. Similarly, as Testofuel is targeted to a younger age group, it can help their bodies find and use natural testosterone much more effectively.

Zinc doses also differ in both products. Zinc is one of the prime ingredients in the production of testosterone. Prime Male contains 30mg and Testofuel contains a lower dose of 10mg. As a result, a low dose in Testofuel could get a negative mark in this comparison. However, a quick search down the ingredient list shows that Testofuel also has added oyster extract. Oysters are rich in zinc and this could add the missing 10mg to Testofuel and brings it back into the game.

Another critical ingredient is D- aspartic acid. You may not know this but this ingredient is quite vital to making and boosting the endogenous production of testosterone. Both these products contain almost comparable amounts of D-asapartic acid. However, the actual amount of D-aspartic acid in Testofuel is slightly more than Prime Male. It is not enough to make a critical difference but still, the level is slightly higher.

As we all known, Ginseng is a potent adaptogenic and both these products contain the herb in sufficient amounts. However, as we’ve already stated, due to manufacturing differences, Prime Male seems to contain a smidgen more of this herb as compared to Testofuel. This is not enough to make a difference but we thought we should tell you about it.

As you can see, both products are roughly balanced in their ingredient list and strengths. However, Testofuel seems to have a few ingredients that are extra. This may or may not be useful for your body but we’ve listed them here.

  • Fenugreek or methi is a very potent herb prescribed in Asian countries. The seed and the leaf tend to increase hormone production leading to better overall health. Testofuel contains a significant amount of this herb. According to literature, this herb also seems to reduce the breakdown of body testosterone allowing it to have a longer effect in the body.

Prime Male too seems to contain extra ingredients that can improve its overall usefulness to the consumer.

  • Luteolin is listed at about 60mg. This ingredient is common in citrus fruits and it increases the formation of male hormones while limiting the formation of female hormones in the male body.
  • Mucuna Pruriens is listed at 300mg. This seed derived ingredients contains levadopa which is can poke the testes to make more testosterone.
  • Prime Male also seems to contain other ingredients like Nettle root, bioperine, and boron which can add to its overall value. Boron is particularly important.

The Bottom Line

Both products are great. However, Prime Male is more of an overall vitality complex for men over the age of 30 with falling testosterone levels while Testofuel is best for bodybuilding. In most cases I would go with Prime Male unless you are looking to put on some serious muscle.

Find out more about Prime Male at the official website.

Find out more about Testofuel at the official website.

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