Onion Juice and Testosterone

onion juice testosteroneIt is normal for testosterone levels to dip in men as they age (this usually starts after age 30). Still, testosterone levels in men can sometimes get too low. In such cases, men are said to suffer from low testosterone, a condition with warning signs or symptoms that can include:

– low sex drive and general disinterest in sex
– erectile problems
– hair loss
– lack of energy
– increased body fat
– reduced muscle mass
– mood swings
– low semen volume

A number of conditions and circumstances including: type 2 diabetes, injury to the testicles, obesity, infection, hormonal disorders and even HIV/AIDS, among others, can lead to low testosterone in men. As such, men with any of the above conditions should be particularly mindful.

Can Onions Actually Raise Testosterone Levels?

chopped onionMany men who suffer from low t are seeking options that are all-natural, discreet and effective in treating the condition. Recent studies have indicated that one such treatment is that of onion juice.

In an Iranian study conducted a few years ago, researchers and scientists considered that perhaps onion juice is one option that can help men fight and perhaps even reverse low testosterone levels. Yes, you read that correctly. Onion juicing, using plain old everyday onions, was shown to increase testosterone levels up to 349 ng/dl, moving from 160 ng/dl to 509 ng/dl (source).

The study was founded on the premise that age-fighting antioxidants could be used to increase fertility and sperm production. From there, the antioxidant properties of onion juice were singled out as being beneficial to sperm production and increased fertility. It was then that the researchers stumbled upon this new discovery when the use of onion juice was shown to positively affect testosterone levels. It was discovered that onion juice helped to clear the free radicals in the testes, allowing for the production of more testosterone, and subsequently healthy sperm.

How to Use it Effectively:

To get started with onion juicing, stock up on some onions from the market or the grocery store the next time you go grocery shopping. Secondly, note that if you are going to have a glass of onion juice, then nothing (no food or drink) should be consumed within the hour. If you find that having onion juice on an empty stomach leaves you with a bit of discomfort, then simply mix a spoonful of honey in some warm water and have that. This remedy is soothing and should provide some relief.

To extract the onion juice from the onion, some people opt to crush the onion, while others opt to juice it using a blender. The blended option may provide a smoother mix that is both easier to swallow and digest, and more likely to produce more juice. Using a measurement of 1/4 onion juice to 1 tablespoon of honey (to improve taste) taken at least once a day should be effective in turning testosterone levels around.

Appropriate levels of testosterone in men are likely to make them stronger, healthier and feeling better about themselves. On the contrary, there can be many physical and other ill health effects from low testosterone in men. Fortunately there are lots of ways men can combat testosterone levels that are too low.

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