Learn How One of Our Writers Got Rid of His Lethargy, Improved his Physique and Cured his Embarrassingly Low Libido in Less Than 1 Month With a Very Simple, Safe and All-Natural Solution

Here at Natural Testosterone Secrets we know how hard it can be to suffer from low testosterone levels. We are after all, a group of guys who have been there ourselves.

Unfortunately doctors just want to give you testosterone replacement therapy (basically injecting artificial testosterone into your body). This is definitely effective in giving you more testosterone. However, it can be dangerous, causing side effects such as increased risk of blood clots and decreased testicular size among others. Webmd has even stated that replacement therapy may increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke. We certainly aren’t willing to take those risks.

That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to actually finding ways to stimulate the production of testosterone by the body and raise T levels the safe and natural way.

We have been hearing a lot about natural testosterone supplements for a while and there seem to be a ton of them on the market, most of them are scams and we haven’t had any decent results with them ourselves. For that reason we have never shared them with our readers.

However, recently it has been brought to our attention that a new product seems to be getting very popular, with many of our readers swearing by it. The product is called Prime Male and is manufactured by the team at Propura.

On their website they claim the following benefits:

We wanted to do our own test and see if Prime Male actually deserves all the hype it has been getting. For our test, we had one of our writers, Glenn, take Prime Male for four weeks and then share his results at the end of each week. Here is his account of what happened:

Glenn’s Test Results

Week One:

For the first half of the week I didn’t notice much difference at all. By the end of the week I was definitely starting to notice some small changes. Most notably were boosts in energy – I felt more awake throughout the day and was feeling more positive and motivated about doing my work. I also noticed a bump in libido towards the end of the week which resulted in some quality ‘alone time’ with my wife.

Week Two:

A couple of days into week two I really started noticing big increases in libido. My wife noticed it too and she commented that I seemed to be “more frisky” (her words, not mine). I was also getting more and more energy, at work in the afternoon I am usually pretty low energy, just trying to finish the day. But I’m definitely noticing that I have more energy in the afternoons than I used to and was able to push through my work and stay in good spirits.

Week Three:

Starting to notice a BIG DIFFERENCE. I usually go to the gym about 4-5 days a week. This week I have really been noticing that I have been able to push myself a lot harder in my workouts and do some extra reps that I wasn’t able to do previously. I have even upgraded the weights I am lifting, so am definitely seeing increases in strength. My libido seems to be about the same as last week, which is right where I want it and my wife and I are having a lot more fun in the bedroom.

Week Four:

I’m really starting to notice a difference in my physique. Looking in the mirror, I have definitely lost some belly fat since taking Prime Male and have more muscle definition. I am also noticing that I am recovering quicker between my workouts, allowing me to work on the same muscle groups more often. My Libido is healthy, I am feeing energetic and my colleagues have commented that I seem to be “more positive and chatty” at work. Overall I feel great, look better and have confidence in the bedroom that I haven’t had in a while. I am definitely having a lot more fun.

Results Roundup

From Glenn: My colleagues have gotten quite jealous with my results and a number of them have jumped on the band wagon. I have got to say that I am very glad that I used Prime Male, my quality of life is definitely much better for it. To find out more about Prime Male, visit the official website.

As an experiment I decided to stop taking Prime Male for another 4 weeks after the test and see how long it would take for the effects to wear off. They lasted about a week, then I noticed that I was definitely returning to my old self. So now, I’m back on it and so are half the guys in the office.