D-Aspartic Acid Safety and Side Effects

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Testosterone is a highly beneficial hormone and is responsible for a number of important bodily functions. While the body produces high levels of testosterone up to a certain age, the production level goes down with age. Low levels of testosterone can cause fat gain, diminished muscle growth, fatigue, erectile dysfunction and low libido among others symptoms.

This is the reason that many men seek a solution for enhancing their testosterone levels. This has led to huge demand for various testosterone boosting products such as patches, gels, injections and pills among other things. While some of these synthetic remedies have been found to be effective, it is also true that many of these come with their own unique side effects such as acne, prostate enlargement, baldness and liver damage among others.

One natural product that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years for naturally enhancing testosterone in the body is D-Aspartic acid. It is said to not only naturally enhance the release of testosterone but also production. This is why many men are turning to D-Aspartic acid to get a testosterone boost. However, there have been rumors floating around whether it has some side effects and therefore, many people want to know, is D-Aspartic acid safe?

How Does DAA Work?

Before diving into the safety aspects of D-Aspartic acid, you need to understand how it works. Some research studies have shown that this completely natural supplement can boost testosterone levels by up to 42% in completely healthy men.

It is an amino acid that is used by the body for the production of proteins and is a non-essential amino acid, this means it is naturally produced by the body. In studies conducted on several animal species as well as humans, it has been observed that it not only helps to increase the production of testosterone by the testes but it also helps in the release of more testosterone by the body.

Safety Analysis:

As far as its side effects are concerned, a few product review websites, as well as forums have mentioned that some users have experienced some side effects after consuming this dietary supplement. While most of the users didn’t have any kind of problems with this natural supplement, some users have claimed that they experienced diarrhea, depression, mood swings, headaches, and acne as side effects.

The users also mentioned that the side effects were mild and not permanent. However, one of the problems with the claims made by the users who experienced the side effects is that they didn’t mention whether they were using only D-Aspartic acid or if they were stacking it with other supplements such as vitamins or bodybuilding supplements. So it’s not clear if the reported side effects were actually caused by the DAA supplementation itself.

Many researchers have studied the claims made by users regarding side effects of this natural supplement. As far as acne is concerned, this condition has a number of triggers including overall health, hormone levels and diet among others. While it is true that the hormonal imbalance caused by an increased level of testosterone may increase the likelihood of acne breakouts, there is no proof that high levels of testosterone lead to acne.

Similarly, diarrhea and headaches have a number of causes and cannot be directly attributed to this natural supplement. Since D-Aspartic acid leads to an increase in the levels of homocysteine, it may lead to mood swings but homocysteine levels can be easily controlled with the help of folic acid.

Human clinical studies have also been conducted to test the side effects of D-Aspartic acid. None of the participants in the human clinical studies reported any side effects.

It appears that from clinical studies that d-aspartic acid causes no real side effects and is completely safe to take.


During the clinical studies, researchers also found many benefits of D-Aspartic acid. They found that it helps in enhancing the level of testosterone by almost 42%. It can also be said that indirectly, d-aspartic acid helps with fat loss, high libido, positive mood, better quality of sleep and greater muscle growth among others.


Overall, none of the human clinical studies have conclusively proven that D-Aspartic causes side effects in humans. It can also be said that the answer to the question, is D-Aspartic acid safe, is yes.

On the contrary, researchers found that this natural supplement can enhance the level of testosterone by a significant amount.  So, if you are looking for a testosterone boosting product, this natural supplement should be on the top of your list. Be sure to cycle D-apsartic acid properly and also take the appropriate dosages.

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