Green Tea and Testosterone

Green tea is healthy for you. Especially when it hasn’t been loaded with a bunch of unnecessary sugars. The leaf’s green tea testosteronepacked with antioxidants; and has been proven to protect cardiovascular heath.  Women sometimes use the ingredient as an essential part of their skin-care regime. But its benefits aren’t only seen when used by the fairer sex. Consuming green tea may help to boost testosterone naturally.

How Green Tea Stops The Testosterone Decline

A hormone called Androgen reacts with testosterone and transforms it into estrogen. This process begins to take over as we age. Some studies have suggested that a chemical in green tea may stop the production of Androgen, thus saving your body’s naturally-made testosterone.

The Best Way To Consume It

While it’s traditionally brewed in a hot cup of water, that isn’t your only option. You can purchase green tea supplements if you’re one of the few who can’t stand the taste. This will consist of a small capsule to swallow. Those of us who find green tea delicious should restrict ourselves to less than a litter a day. Consuming more than that amount could cause an unhealthy imbalance in hormone levels.

Green Tea Shakes, Fraps And Desserts

Not in to hot tea? But still love that bitter, mellow taste? Green tea powder is used in frappuccinos at Starbucks. You won’t find it listed on their main-menu. But they’ll know what you mean if you ask for it by name. Simply tell the barista you want a green tea frap.  Unfortunately, the sugar content’s pretty high, but you’re still getting the green tea. Unlike many of the other beverages on their menu, this one is low in caffeine.

You can also buy green tea shake-powder. Just make sure it has actual green-tea in it, and isn’t just flavored. Be sure not to exceed the recommended serving amount. Green tea can reach toxic levels in the body.

What Happens When Too Much Green Tea is Consumed?

While green tea’s naturally rich in a lot of good things, there’s one chemical that’s present in it which can be harmful to the body in high amounts. Fluoride has a good reputation as a cavity repellent. But when too much of it’s consumed, it can disrupt thyroid-hormone production. Which may, in turn cause a lower level of testosterone in the body.

While testosterone isn’t produced by the thyroid, chemicals that regulate it are. If one part of the body’s affected by something, the rest of your body will suffer some affect too. Especially when it comes to one of your major organs.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Get Green Tea?

If you’re interested in saving money, nothing’s going to be cheaper than buying tea-packets. Tea packets have to be submerged in boiling water to work, but that doesn’t mean you cant ice the beverage later for a delicious, southern, treat.

Matcha Powder: Is It The Same Thing?

Matcha powder is green tea. It comes with the same health benefits and risks that traditional green tea does. It’s important to consider the density of matcha powder. It has a much higher amount of green tea in it, so it should be consumed sparingly.

When you order a green tea latte or frap, you’re probably getting matcha powder anyway. In other countries, finding green tea flavored treats is as common as finding vanilla in America. The flavor is most popular in Japan.

Signs Green Tea Isn’t Right For You

If you’ve been noticing negative changes in your health, it may be that you’re consuming too much green tea. Consuming more green tea than recommended isn’t necessary. It works well enough in small amounts. Some people are allergic to one of the many chemicals found in green tea leaves. In which case, the testosterone benefits aren’t worth it.

Green tea and testosterone: It’ll Work For You

There’s no need to entertain the idea of buying performance-enhancing drugs. Why would you put your health and freedom at risk when there’s a natural way to combat low-T and perform better at sports? Simply pick your favorite way to consume green tea. It doesn’t matter how you get it. As long as you end up consuming the leaves somehow.

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