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Celery and Testosterone

Celery is probably best known for its weight loss properties, you burn more calories eating it than it gives you, or so the story goes. But does celery really have any impact on testosterone levels? Can it be used as a natural way to increase testosterone or is it just all a myth? To find […]

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Onion Juice and Testosterone

It is normal for testosterone levels to dip in men as they age (this usually starts after age 30). Still, testosterone levels in men can sometimes get too low. In such cases, men are said to suffer from low testosterone, a condition with warning signs or symptoms that can include: – low sex drive and […]

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Spinach and Testosterone

spinach testosterone

  Spinach can be surprisingly helpful in providing a boost to testosterone levels. A few years ago, this leafy green became known as the first official super-food and it hasn’t looked back. It’s known to help fight cancer, weak bones, the general cold and everything in between. Even Popeye used it as the world’s quickest […]

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