Does Prime Male Work?

Prime Male is a vitality complex that promises to boost your testosterone levels naturally. When you first enter their website, the first thing prime male testosterone boosteryou see is; “Are you ready to take the red pill?” If testosterone enhancing products is something you are investigating than you are probably aware of the benefits of high testosterone levels. From energy production all the way to reproduction, testosterone is responsible for many of the very essential functions of our body.

Once a man turns thirty, his body will naturally produce one percent less testosterone on a yearly basis. Reduced testosterone levels are not always a feeling which most men do not like experiencing, this is why many men decide to take care of business by taking some sort of a testosterone supplement which can be life changing.

Main Benefits Of Prime Male Testosterone Booster

There are many benefits associated with increasing your testosterone levels, for example:
Achieve better results from working out
Build Lean Muscle
Gain strength faster
Overcome fatigue
Increase levels of energy
Increase metabolism
Burn fat more rapidly
Improve libido and sexual performance
Regulate blood sugar levels
Regulate blood pressure
Overall improved cardiovascular health
Obtain natural confidence
Improve mood
Enhance cognitive functionality

The question is whether or not Prime Male will actually help you obtain any of the above-mentioned benefits or if it is another empty media promise. For starters a brief explanation of what Prime Male is, it is a dietary supplement which is advertised as a natural testosterone booster which with the use of a natural formula which is claimed to be scientifically driven offers powerful benefits, it is presented in the form of a red pill.

There one hundred and twenty capsules in each package of Prime male and it is recommended that you take a capsule four times a day with a snack or a meal. A package is meant to last thirty days and after five to ten days of having started their cycle, users should begin noticing the effects.

Being as Prime Male is a supplement which is all natural, it is not even close to being as powerful as many high-intensity testosterone supplements such as anabolic steroids. This is a plus because it will mean that the horrible side effects associated with those supplements that are stronger such as shrunken testicles, balding and “man boobs” will not be an issue.

What Ingredients are Found in Prime Male?

prime-male-ingredient-listPrime Male advertises as a supplement which is one hundred percent natural, this is, in fact true, here is the list of ingredients:
5200 IU of Vitamin D
20 mcg of Vitamin K2
6 mg of Vitamin B6
200 mg of Magnesium
11 mg of Zinc
1800 mg of D-Aspartic Acid
80 mg of Siberian Ginseng
100 mg of Fenugreek
125 mg of Oyster Extract
300 mg of Mucuna Pruriens
140 mg Nettle Root Extract
10 mg of BioPerine

Does Prime Male Actually Work

The majority of reviews about Prime Male are positive, they state that not only does it work, it works exceptionally well. With the combination of all the powerful and natural ingredients which were mentioned above it is no wonder that men are thrilled with this product.

The reported physical benefits associated with Prime Male are:

A forty-two percent boost in testosterone in twelve days
The testosterone levels have been reported as being boosted to levels that were enjoyed from five to even twenty years ago.
From an increased libido to better orgasms, the sex life was improved overall.

The reported cognitive benefits associated with Prime Male are:

Improved memory, both long and short term
Focus and memory recall enhanced by increased neuroprotection
Improved mental energy
Increased spatial ability

Now it seems as if the answer is yes, yes Prime Male is effective and really does work. The great thing is that they offer a ninety day, one hundred percent risk-free option so if you are not happy with the results, you can get a full refund.

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Prime Male Review

Here at Natural Testosterone Secrets we have been testing out a bunch of ways to increase our testosterone levels naturally (that’s why we started this site!). Recently we have been experimenting with testosterone boosters and as one of the most talked about products on the market Prime Male was one of our first stops.

What Is Prime Male?

Prime Male is a male vitality complex that the makers claim will enhance your testosterone to the levels you had in your youth. Basically its designed to increase natural testosterone production in the body as well fight the symptoms of male aging such as fatigue, low sex drive and weight gain.

To find out more from the manufacturer, click here.

Why Optimize Testosterone Levels?

Some of the advantages of optimized testosterone levels include:

  •  More physical strength (by developing muscle tissue)
  • Increased levels of energy
  • Mood elevation
  • Robust, strong libido
  • Reduced blood pressure and better cardiovascular health
  • Better mental focus
  • Prostate health



It’s very important to look at the ingredients formula for a few reasons:

  1. To make sure the ingredients are legit and have real scientific studies to back up their effectiveness.
  2. To make sure the product is safe and the ingredients are entirely natural and in dosages that can’t harm you.
  3. To make sure the manufacturer is entirely honest about what is in their product. Some aren’t and just say a ‘propriety blend’ – I would stay away from any supplement that is not completely transparent about what it contains.

prime male ingredients


D-AA (D-Aspartic Acid) – 1600mg

D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid and neurotransmitter, which plays an important part in controlling the quantity of LH (luteinizing hormone) created in the body. This crucial hormone interacts with the testes to boost the quantity of testosterone sent into the bloodstream. In one scientific study, twenty-three men aged twenty-seven to thirty-seven were given about three grams of D-AA each day. After just twelve days, their levels of testosterone went up by a startling forty-two percent. Scientific research shows that the average man, aged thirty or over loses approximately one percent of testosterone every year. Therefore, over a twelve-day period, this group of males enjoyed a reversal of more than forty years’ worth of testosterone loss!


Bioperine – Ten mg

This powerful extract of black pepper helps with the effectiveness of the other ingredients, increasing the ability of the body to process nutrients twenty-fold, according to several studies. Bioperine is included in Prime Male to boost the bioavailability of other nutrients present in the testosterone product.


Magnesium – 100mg

For a long time, magnesium has been thought of as a potent mineral, because it is required for numerous vital bodily functions, such as controlling muscle and nerve activity, improving the immune system’s health, and sustaining a stable heartbeat. Overall, there are over 300 biochemical processes in the body dependent on magnesium for their correct execution. This compound has a particular role as far as testosterone goes; it facilitates the reduction of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) in the body, which keeps more than sixty percent of your testosterone ‘prisoner’ by making it inaccessible for direct usage. Magnesium allows this testosterone to be unlocked, boosting male virility and potency.


Extract of Nettle Root – 160mg

As previously stated, the body essentially ‘imprisons’ more than fifty percent of its’ testosterone by fixing it to SHBG. Stinging nettle plant roots contain compounds called lignans, which can fix onto SHBG instead of testosterone. This increases the quantity of testosterone available in the body. Furthermore, nettle root contains beta-sitosterol. This is a plant derived chemical component that boosts levels of testosterone too.


Mucuna Pruriens – 300mg

Sometimes called ‘velvet bean’, this tropical plant is famous for the way it reduces prolactin in the blood stream (prolactin is a female hormone). Men’s bodies contain female and male hormones, and mucuna pruriens reduces levels of prolactin in men, which prevents testosterone depletion. In addition, mucuna pruriens is beneficial because it lowers cortisol levels in the blood stream (cortisol is known as the ‘stress hormone’). Scientific research indicates that cortisol breaks testosterone molecules down before they have left the testes.


Asian Red Ginseng – 120mg

This common ingredient in Russian cooking is famous for boosting levels of energy and strengthening the immune system. Also, Siberian ginseng is often used to increase levels of testosterone. In a clinical double blind placebo experiment, several men from Korea – who took Siberian ginseng for two months – enjoyed significant improvements in their erectile performance, including increased sexual gratification.


Vitamin B6 – 7.5mg

Vitamin B6 helps androgen to form, which is linked to testosterone production. Also, Vitamin B6 facilitates the increased absorption of magnesium and zinc, two other important ingredients present in Prime Male.


Zinc – 30 mg

When levels of zinc fall, it stops the pituitary gland in the body from producing vital LH, which is required to generate testosterone inside the testes. A scientific study of several football players found that their testosterone levels increased by thirty-three percent, two months after they started taking zinc supplements.


Vitamin D3 – 5200IU

Recently, the Endocrinology Journal reported that there is a link between reduced levels of Vitamin D and reduced levels of testosterone. Several studies have shown that on average, men with high Vitamin D3 levels have larger testosterone amounts in their bloodstream, compared to men with lower levels of Vitamin D3.


Menaquinone-7 (Vitamin K2)

Vitamin K2 improves how well Vitamin D3 operates in the body, and boosts levels of testosterone. In Prime Male, Vitamin K2 is included in the form of MK-7 (Menaquinone-7), which provides better absorption.


Luteolin – 60mg

This component is present in citrus, and reduces the quantity of estrogen generation occurring in the body. This means that testosterone will have a greater effect. In particular, it fixes itself to estrogen receptors, which slows down their production rate and stimulates androgens to produce extra testosterone.


Boron – Five mg

The amino acid boron has a variety of impacts. In one study, several men consumed ten mg of boron daily for seven days. The free testosterone levels of the men increased by twenty-eight percent during this period, whereas their levels of estrogen reduced by thirty-nine percent. This substance is powerful and useful for increasing testosterone levels.


Ingredients Summary:

My data indicates that the ingredients in Prime Male have been clearly selected to facilitate the production of more testosterone in the body. The product is fairly well put together, and the various ingredients definitely complement one another. There are studies supporting the effectiveness of most of the ingredients, so customers can purchase this product safe in the knowledge that it is likely to produce good results. It is perfect for men aged thirty and over, and for men who worry that their bodies are not generating the same amount of testosterone that they did several years ago. You can find out more at the official website.

Side Effects

The whole point in taking a natural testosterone booster such as Prime Male is that there are no side effects and it is completely safe. As far as I can tell there are no complaints about side effects from users, nor should there be given the fact all the ingredients are natural vitamins and minerals that we consume in our diet anyway. The dosage levels of these ingredients are not large enough to warrant any harmful side effects.

Prime Male Results

Below I have listed out some of the results from users of Prime Male test booster.

results with prime male

So Does Prime Male Work?

The short answer is yes, with all the online user results plus a great ingredients formula this product is definitely one of the top testosterone boosters on the market at the moment.

Where to Buy Prime Male

The only place you can buy Prime Male is from the official website – It comes with a 90-day money back guarantee if it doesn’t end up working for you.










How do Prime Male and Testofuel Compare?

So you need a test booster but both Prime Male and Testofuel are supposed to be great value for money. Both of these supplements seem to share seven common ingredients which are tremendously effective. However, dosages in both these supplements of these seven vital ingredients seem to vary. For example, Prime Male seems to contain stronger doses and it also has five extra ingredients that seem to add overall value to the product. However, the debate surrounding the use of Prime Male vs Testofuel is endless and we’ve decided to review both products to settle the debate once and for all.

prime male testosterone boostertestofuel









Both products have large quantities of Vitamin D3. Both products also seem to have the same dosage of Vitamin D3 at 5000 International Units. As Vitamin D is critical to the development of muscles, bone and tissue, high doses of this mineral are highly effective and essential during workouts. Furthermore, Vitamin D is one of the building blocks for testosterone. Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to low male hormone levels and it can negatively impact your workout routine as well. As a result, high doses of this Vitamin are critical to overall health and quite valuable during workouts as well.

The next important ingredient on the list is Vitamin K2. This vitamin too contributes to testicular health and ensures the proper metabolization of fat, minerals and other materials. Essentially, it also monitors the level of testosterone in the body and ensures that the testes have enough raw material to make testosterone. Interestingly, both Prime Male and Testofuel seem to have significantly different dosages of this vitamin. For example, Prime Male contains it at a higher dose of 45 mcg while Testofuel contains a dose of 18 mcg. We believe that this difference is primarily due to the targeted age group. That means Vitamin K is required in larger amounts in men over the age of 30 as testosterone levels tend to taper off during this decade of life. Prime Male is intended for this age group. On the other hand, Testofuel targets a younger age group that manufactures higher amounts of endogenous testosterone and they can make do with a lower dose.

Vitamin B6 is next on the list as it is also important to blood testosterone modification. It seems to raise the level of blood testosterone by stimulating production from the testes. However, dosages in both the supplements are critically different. Again this difference is due to the targeted age group. For example, Prime Male targets the over-30 male and provides a higher dose of 7.5 mg while Testofuel is intended for the younger age group and provides a lower dose of 5 mg.

Magnesium doses also vary in both products. Testofuel ( 200mg) seems to contain twice the dose of magnesium as compared to Prime Male (100mg). The action of magnesium in the body is simple as it allows testosterone to be absorbed by the correct receptors present in different parts of the male body. As a result, it can lead to an improvement in muscle mass, muscle definition, and overall male good health. As Testofuel seems to contain a higher dose than Prime Male, it could be much more effective at sharpening a receptor’s sensitivity to endogenous testosterone. This is expected as Prime Male is intended for an over-30 age group who already have a low natural testosterone level. Similarly, as Testofuel is targeted to a younger age group, it can help their bodies find and use natural testosterone much more effectively.

Zinc doses also differ in both products. Zinc is one of the prime ingredients in the production of testosterone. Prime Male contains 30mg and Testofuel contains a lower dose of 10mg. As a result, a low dose in Testofuel could get a negative mark in this comparison. However, a quick search down the ingredient list shows that Testofuel also has added oyster extract. Oysters are rich in zinc and this could add the missing 10mg to Testofuel and brings it back into the game.

Another critical ingredient is D- aspartic acid. You may not know this but this ingredient is quite vital to making and boosting the endogenous production of testosterone. Both these products contain almost comparable amounts of D-asapartic acid. However, the actual amount of D-aspartic acid in Testofuel is slightly more than Prime Male. It is not enough to make a critical difference but still, the level is slightly higher.

As we all known, Ginseng is a potent adaptogenic and both these products contain the herb in sufficient amounts. However, as we’ve already stated, due to manufacturing differences, Prime Male seems to contain a smidgen more of this herb as compared to Testofuel. This is not enough to make a difference but we thought we should tell you about it.

As you can see, both products are roughly balanced in their ingredient list and strengths. However, Testofuel seems to have a few ingredients that are extra. This may or may not be useful for your body but we’ve listed them here.

  • Fenugreek or methi is a very potent herb prescribed in Asian countries. The seed and the leaf tend to increase hormone production leading to better overall health. Testofuel contains a significant amount of this herb. According to literature, this herb also seems to reduce the breakdown of body testosterone allowing it to have a longer effect in the body.

Prime Male too seems to contain extra ingredients that can improve its overall usefulness to the consumer.

  • Luteolin is listed at about 60mg. This ingredient is common in citrus fruits and it increases the formation of male hormones while limiting the formation of female hormones in the male body.
  • Mucuna Pruriens is listed at 300mg. This seed derived ingredients contains levadopa which is can poke the testes to make more testosterone.
  • Prime Male also seems to contain other ingredients like Nettle root, bioperine, and boron which can add to its overall value. Boron is particularly important.

The Bottom Line

Both products are great. However, Prime Male is more of an overall vitality complex for men over the age of 30 with falling testosterone levels while Testofuel is best for bodybuilding. In most cases I would go with Prime Male unless you are looking to put on some serious muscle.

Find out more about Prime Male at the official website.

Find out more about Testofuel at the official website.

Celery and Testosterone

celeryCelery is probably best known for its weight loss properties, you burn more calories eating it than it gives you, or so the story goes. But does celery really have any impact on testosterone levels? Can it be used as a natural way to increase testosterone or is it just all a myth?

To find out if celery really can impact testosterone levels, I started where I always start, the scientific studies.

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Celery contains Vitamin K

Celery actually contains decent amounts of Vitamin K. This vitamin is commonly thought to have an impact on testosterone levels in men. When I read through all of the available studies what I found was that there is a little evidence that vitamin K deficiencies can have an impact on testosterone production.

One study showed that Vitamin K deficiencies reduce testosterone production in the testes. It was found that K is involved in steroid production in the testes through the regulation of Cyp11a (study).

In another study, a group of rats were fed a diet supplemented with vitamin K2 for 5 weeks. At the end of the five weeks, testosterone levels in the testes and in plasma increased dramatically compared to the control group (study).

However, it is important to note that both studies were conducted on rats and I could not find any evidence of studies done on human beings to support this claim. So we cannot know with 100% proof whether Vitamin K will increase testosterone levels in male adults.

Celery has aphrodisiac properties

Basically, the reason it is believed that celery contains aphrodisiac properties is because it contains amounts of androsterone which is a pheromone that impacts human behaviour when smelled. It often has the impact of causing arousal. So consuming more celery can help you attract a member of the opposite sex through your pheromones. However, this does not prove any impact on testosterone levels as androsterone is a product that arises from the metabolism of testosterone.


There is really no proof that celery will help to increase testosterone levels and it’s certainly not something I would rely on. Of course, using it for weight loss may help a little bit as general good health and weight loss helps to regulate and increase testosterone levels.

On its own Celery will have very little impact on testosterone levels, if anything you may want to consider taking vitamin K supplements although those have not been proven.

Foods such as spinach which contains Magnesium will help you far more than celery. The best option is probably to go with natural supplements such as D-aspartic acid, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Zinc.

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Boron and Testosterone

boronBoron is a trace mineral. Similar to magnesium, boron positively influences and is used by a number of processes in the body, especially in muscle tissues. To date, there are no RDA (recommended daily allowance) levels when it comes to boron. However, a large number of individuals have dosage levels far below the 3 mg a day threshold that comes recommended by a variety of experts. Boron can have an impact on learning and cognition, bone maintenance, vitamin D, hormones, blood plasma and inflammation.

Boron is a difficult mineral to include in a diet, only specific plants contain this mineral and in most cases the weather and the quality of the soil have the ability to impact boron levels significantly. However, for those individuals who are on research-backed diets such as vegetarian diets or low-fat diets, there is the possibility to get anything up to around 10 mg a day. A lot of plant-based foods, including avocados, lentils, peanuts, nuts and some other vegetables and fruit all contain boron.


Recently a study was conducted on 8 healthy men of around middle-age in order to find an answer to the question, does boron increase testosterone? These participants were given 10 mg of Borax (sodium tetraborate) every day.

Below are the results from this study:

• Free testosterone increased by 28%, which shows a positive correlation between boron and testosterone levels in men.

DHT levels increased by a small percentage

TNF-alpha showed a significant decrease

• Vitamin D did not increase significantly, however, boron has been positively correlated to increasing Vitamin D levels.

C-Reactive Protein showed a significant decrease

boron citrate testosterone

What Is Boron?

Boron, just like zinc, copper and iron, is a variety of trace mineral. What this means for human health is that the body is able to benefit from these vital nutrients, but in very small (trace) amounts. One of the important factors about trace minerals is that the body does not have the means to excrete excess amounts from the body and correct dosages must be observed to avoid the risks of toxicity.

Recommended Dosage – How much Boron for increased testosterone?

While the studies related to boron toxicity have not produced problems that result from ingesting boron, the recommended upper limit for taking boron orally is about 0.2 mg per kilogram of the person’s body weight in a day. Dosages that exceed 84 mg of boron have produced harmful effects on hepatic, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and renal systems including the central nervous system in children and adults.

Boron is derived from certain space matter such as meteoroids and is found, in low levels, in soil. Organic vegetables and fruit that are rich in minerals are the ideal source for dietary boron and can assist in correcting nutrition levels. Boron plays the role of a fortifier when it comes to cell walls. Recent studies have earned this mineral the reputation of being able to maintain reproductive and sexual health in men by having a positive impact on testosterone levels.



So Should You Use Boron For Testosterone Boosts?

Boron Supplement TestosteroneIn a variety of studies, boron has been shown to increase serum DHT and free testosterone levels in the body. In fact, further studies have gone on to prove that boron also plays the role of an anti-estrogen and decreases SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) levels.SHBG is associated with binding free testosterone that is present in the blood and disables it in the process of acting like an androgen. In other studies, boron deficiencies in women are associated with lower androgen levels, particularly in women that have hormone imbalances and are in the process of menopause.

The literature available on boron when it comes to anti-estrogenic properties at this stage is typically varied. However, there are minimal studies that indicate that there are no changes or that estrogen levels increase significantly. Other health benefits of the trace mineral include increased circulation and lowered inflammation.

These properties are ideal for maintaining healthy blood flow throughout the body, including in men’s genitalia. Other properties include increased flow of nitric oxide which plays a key role in erection maintenance. Administered in the right amounts and included in a healthy diet, boron does indeed have the potential to increase levels of testosterone in men.

A more effective supplement to try would probably be something like, d-aspartic acid which has been clinically proven to provide big boosts in testosterone levels.

How to Best Cycle D-Aspartic Acid

AspartateD-Aspartic Acid forms part of one out of two amino acid forms of aspartic acid. The other type is known as L-Aspartate. DAA (D-Aspartic Acid) is commonly used for boosting testosterone particularly in infertile men as well as by certain athletes that use this supplement as a temporary booster. Studies conducted on the elevation of testosterone levels indicate that these results only last about 7 to 10 days in men that are healthy, and testosterone returns to normal levels after 10 days. However, further studies related to DAA suggest otherwise.

DAA works in the region of the central brain in order to make the brain release luteinizing hormones, growth hormones, and follicle-stimulating hormones. In addition, this amino acid may accumulate in the area of the testicles where it relieves the rate-limiting process related to testosterone synthesis that can result in testosterone increases.

D-Aspartic Acid Can Further Boost Testosterone Levels

The main function of DAA is to act as a type of neurotransmitter and is found in the pituitary and pineal glands. In addition, DAA is located in Leydig cells found in the male testicles. In the area of the testes, DAA works similar to the neurotransmitter which received signals from the pituitary gland and delivers these signals to Leydig cells and converts the cholesterol in the body into testosterone. This means that DAA should have the ability to increase the production of testosterone in the process of improving the receiving and sending of information that occurs between the cells and the hormones that are found in the brain and the testicles.

Below are a few studies conducted on this theory:

•The first study discovered that when DAA levels were increased inside the brain, the hypothalamus was stimulated to secrete an increased level of the Gonadotropin-releasing hormone, Growth-Hormone releasing hormone and Prolactin Releasing Factors.

These specific hormones trigger the pituitary gland in secreting in GH (growth hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone). The increase of GH and LH is associated with an increase when it comes to testosterone levels.

•Another study involved testing conducted on a rat whereby researchers discovered that D-Aspartic Acid increased the LH secretions derived from the pituitary glands that resulted in a large increase in testosterone production through the stimulation of Leydig cells.

•The first study conducted on humans involved 23 men that were given 2,66 grams of Sodium-D-Aspartate for 12 consecutive days. After 6 days the men who received the DAA had an increase of about 15% in their testosterone levels. After 12 days these testosterone levels increased up to 42%. The researchers went on to note that even after cessation DAA was still active in their tissues 3 days later.

•The last study was conducted on young male bodybuilders that were given 3 grams of the DAA supplement over a period of 28 days. The studies produced findings that there was related to only a small increase in testosterone levels. The researchers for this particular study discovered the levels of DAO (D-Aspartic Oxidase) actually increased by more than 50% which was associated with a negative feedback process. This is related to those young men that already display a high testosterone level should consider D-Aspartic Acid Cycle in order to avoid effects of the feedback mechanism.

Recommendation for Cycling:

d-aspartic acid scheduling

Based on these findings a few experts recommend that younger men who do not have a problem with their testosterone levels should try a D-Aspartic Acid cycle of 12 days and then wait for another 12 days before taking the supplement again. In this way, researchers suggest that the negative feedback loop can be avoided. This typically occurs when the individual already has a high level of testosterone.

For men over the age of 30 who are suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone, you will not need to worry about cycling. Simply dose with 2-3 grams a day to see the best effects. When used correctly D-Aspartic Acid can produce significant results.

When is the Ideal Time to Dose With D-Aspartic Acid?

time for DAA

One of the more popular natural testosterone boosters available in the market these days is D-Aspartic acid. Some clinical studies done on humans have shown that it increased the level of testosterone naturally by around 42% in just 12 days. The subjects in this study were given up to 3 gram of D-Aspartic acid in the morning one hour before their workout each day.

In another study, the subjects were given up to 2 g of D-Aspartic acid per day and this study was conducted over a period of 90 days. This study also showed a substantial increase in the level of testosterone in the body without any side effects.

So when is the best time to take D-aspartic Acid?

First of all, you need to understand that it is a non-essential amino acid which means that body can synthesize it internally. Amino acids are required by the body for building protein.

D-Aspartic acid not only helps in enhancing the production of testosterone but it also forces the body to release more testosterone. Athletes including bodybuilders know that enhanced level of testosterone means more muscle mass and less fat. Increased levels of testosterone in the body also mean an increased libido, more muscle mass, higher energy and a number of other benefits.

People have experienced different results with different dosages. Some people prefer to take it one hour before workout whereas there are others who like to take it at a different time.

One of the most well-known manufacturers of various fitness supplements recommends higher dosages of D-Aspartic acid as compared to the dosage used in the human clinical studies. They recommend loading phase of 3 grams in the morning along with another 3 grams in the evening but the loading phase should be kept up to 5 days only.

It is important to mention here that overdose of D-Aspartic acid can have some negative health consequences and therefore, one should not continue using it after the recommended period of time. As far as D-Aspartic acid cycling is concerned, a number of bloggers and fitness enthusiasts have tested a variety of different cycles and published the results on their blogs and discussion forums.

Importance of Cycling Dosages

Some people have cycled with one month on and one month off where they consumed around a hundred grams of the supplement in a month and this is also the recommended dosage of the product. Others have experimented with cycles of 12 days on with 5 days off. Therefore, it is better to experiment with your own time and quantity to find the best cycle that works for you.

As mentioned above, it is important to cycle the supplement as the body quickly develops a tolerance to it. However, it is also important to mention here that increased levels of testosterone in the body are associated with some negative side effects such as acne and baldness. Thankfully, these side effects have been reported to be temporary which means that these go away once the level of testosterone comes down to natural levels.

Therefore, it is important that you should use it only for the recommended period of time and when you start experiencing side effects of any kind, you should stop taking it to allow your body to recover.


Overall, it can be said that it is one of the best natural supplements for boosting testosterone levels. Many people have tried this supplement and a majority of them have experienced excellent results with this completely natural supplement. However, it is important to stick to the recommended dosage and experiment with various dosage times to figure out the best fit for your body.

Best Supplement for Boosting Testosterone?

The best supplement I know of to naturally boost testosterone levels is Prime Male. You can find out more by reading our review or visiting the official website.

D-Aspartic Acid Safety and Side Effects

d aspartic acid pills

Testosterone is a highly beneficial hormone and is responsible for a number of important bodily functions. While the body produces high levels of testosterone up to a certain age, the production level goes down with age. Low levels of testosterone can cause fat gain, diminished muscle growth, fatigue, erectile dysfunction and low libido among others symptoms.

This is the reason that many men seek a solution for enhancing their testosterone levels. This has led to huge demand for various testosterone boosting products such as patches, gels, injections and pills among other things. While some of these synthetic remedies have been found to be effective, it is also true that many of these come with their own unique side effects such as acne, prostate enlargement, baldness and liver damage among others.

One natural product that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years for naturally enhancing testosterone in the body is D-Aspartic acid. It is said to not only naturally enhance the release of testosterone but also production. This is why many men are turning to D-Aspartic acid to get a testosterone boost. However, there have been rumors floating around whether it has some side effects and therefore, many people want to know, is D-Aspartic acid safe?

How Does DAA Work?

Before diving into the safety aspects of D-Aspartic acid, you need to understand how it works. Some research studies have shown that this completely natural supplement can boost testosterone levels by up to 42% in completely healthy men.

It is an amino acid that is used by the body for the production of proteins and is a non-essential amino acid, this means it is naturally produced by the body. In studies conducted on several animal species as well as humans, it has been observed that it not only helps to increase the production of testosterone by the testes but it also helps in the release of more testosterone by the body.

Safety Analysis:

As far as its side effects are concerned, a few product review websites, as well as forums have mentioned that some users have experienced some side effects after consuming this dietary supplement. While most of the users didn’t have any kind of problems with this natural supplement, some users have claimed that they experienced diarrhea, depression, mood swings, headaches, and acne as side effects.

The users also mentioned that the side effects were mild and not permanent. However, one of the problems with the claims made by the users who experienced the side effects is that they didn’t mention whether they were using only D-Aspartic acid or if they were stacking it with other supplements such as vitamins or bodybuilding supplements. So it’s not clear if the reported side effects were actually caused by the DAA supplementation itself.

Many researchers have studied the claims made by users regarding side effects of this natural supplement. As far as acne is concerned, this condition has a number of triggers including overall health, hormone levels and diet among others. While it is true that the hormonal imbalance caused by an increased level of testosterone may increase the likelihood of acne breakouts, there is no proof that high levels of testosterone lead to acne.

Similarly, diarrhea and headaches have a number of causes and cannot be directly attributed to this natural supplement. Since D-Aspartic acid leads to an increase in the levels of homocysteine, it may lead to mood swings but homocysteine levels can be easily controlled with the help of folic acid.

Human clinical studies have also been conducted to test the side effects of D-Aspartic acid. None of the participants in the human clinical studies reported any side effects.

It appears that from clinical studies that d-aspartic acid causes no real side effects and is completely safe to take.


During the clinical studies, researchers also found many benefits of D-Aspartic acid. They found that it helps in enhancing the level of testosterone by almost 42%. It can also be said that indirectly, d-aspartic acid helps with fat loss, high libido, positive mood, better quality of sleep and greater muscle growth among others.


Overall, none of the human clinical studies have conclusively proven that D-Aspartic causes side effects in humans. It can also be said that the answer to the question, is D-Aspartic acid safe, is yes.

On the contrary, researchers found that this natural supplement can enhance the level of testosterone by a significant amount.  So, if you are looking for a testosterone boosting product, this natural supplement should be on the top of your list. Be sure to cycle D-apsartic acid properly and also take the appropriate dosages.

Does D-Aspartic Acid Boost Testosterone?

D aspartic acid and testosterone levelsMany men face low testosterone levels, usually after the age of 30. The reduced level of the male hormone leads to a variety of issues including lower sex drive and lower sperm count. There are products on the market that purport to increase testosterone levels, but not all have scientific evidence behind them. D-aspartic acid is one supplement that shows promise in elevating natural testosterone levels in men.

What is D-Aspartic Acid?

Aspartic acid is an amino acid produced by the body. It is one of the 20 amino acids that are the building blocks of the various proteins used to create tissues throughout the body. There are a few forms of aspartic acid in the body. The l-form of the amino acids all builds tissue. The d-form of amino acids is a signaling molecule. In certain tissues of the body that produce hormones such as the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus, and the testes, the amino acid l-aspartic acid is converted and becomes  d-aspartic acid.

How Does D-Aspartic Acid Increase testosterone levels?

As a signaling molecule, d aspartic acid triggers the release of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone (also known as GnRH) and informs the pituitary gland that testosterone levels in the blood are decreasing. The GnRH also monitors the testosterone levels created from the testes, the luteinizing hormone (LH) and the growth hormone (GH) of the endocrine system that includes the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. All of these hormones and tissues work together to create and release testosterone. D-aspartic acid increases the production of testosterone and its release by first signaling the body to release the gonadotropin and luteinizing hormones. Both the testes and the pituitary gland can trap the d aspartic acid that is circulating in the body and this helps to increase testosterone levels as well.

Scientific Studies That Prove That D-Aspartic Acid Increases Testosterone Levels

A research study reported in the Journal Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology shows that d aspartic acid supplements do increase testosterone levels in both humans and rats. Although the sampling of human volunteers was small — only 23 men between 27 and 37w ere in the study- the findings show that in 12 days testosterone levels increase by 42 percent. The most important thing is the dose. Taking 3 grams a day is sufficient. Another study shows that taking 6 grams of d aspartic acid a day actually decreases testosterone levels.

My Experience Using D-Aspartic Acid

I do use a product that contains DAA myself, I dose at 2.6mg per day. I use a product called Prime Male which includes DAA alongside other effective natural ingredients such as Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D. I generally do advise stacking d aspartic acid with other test boosters, especially Vitamin D, and Magnesium as you will see much more impact from this.


D-aspartic definitely is effective in boosting testosterone levels. However, you must take a daily dose of not more than 3 grams to reap the benefits of this amino acid.

Onion Juice and Testosterone

onion juice testosteroneIt is normal for testosterone levels to dip in men as they age (this usually starts after age 30). Still, testosterone levels in men can sometimes get too low. In such cases, men are said to suffer from low testosterone, a condition with warning signs or symptoms that can include:

– low sex drive and general disinterest in sex
– erectile problems
– hair loss
– lack of energy
– increased body fat
– reduced muscle mass
– mood swings
– low semen volume

A number of conditions and circumstances including: type 2 diabetes, injury to the testicles, obesity, infection, hormonal disorders and even HIV/AIDS, among others, can lead to low testosterone in men. As such, men with any of the above conditions should be particularly mindful.

Can Onions Actually Raise Testosterone Levels?

chopped onionMany men who suffer from low t are seeking options that are all-natural, discreet and effective in treating the condition. Recent studies have indicated that one such treatment is that of onion juice.

In an Iranian study conducted a few years ago, researchers and scientists considered that perhaps onion juice is one option that can help men fight and perhaps even reverse low testosterone levels. Yes, you read that correctly. Onion juicing, using plain old everyday onions, was shown to increase testosterone levels up to 349 ng/dl, moving from 160 ng/dl to 509 ng/dl (source).

The study was founded on the premise that age-fighting antioxidants could be used to increase fertility and sperm production. From there, the antioxidant properties of onion juice were singled out as being beneficial to sperm production and increased fertility. It was then that the researchers stumbled upon this new discovery when the use of onion juice was shown to positively affect testosterone levels. It was discovered that onion juice helped to clear the free radicals in the testes, allowing for the production of more testosterone, and subsequently healthy sperm.

How to Use it Effectively:

To get started with onion juicing, stock up on some onions from the market or the grocery store the next time you go grocery shopping. Secondly, note that if you are going to have a glass of onion juice, then nothing (no food or drink) should be consumed within the hour. If you find that having onion juice on an empty stomach leaves you with a bit of discomfort, then simply mix a spoonful of honey in some warm water and have that. This remedy is soothing and should provide some relief.

To extract the onion juice from the onion, some people opt to crush the onion, while others opt to juice it using a blender. The blended option may provide a smoother mix that is both easier to swallow and digest, and more likely to produce more juice. Using a measurement of 1/4 onion juice to 1 tablespoon of honey (to improve taste) taken at least once a day should be effective in turning testosterone levels around.

Appropriate levels of testosterone in men are likely to make them stronger, healthier and feeling better about themselves. On the contrary, there can be many physical and other ill health effects from low testosterone in men. Fortunately there are lots of ways men can combat testosterone levels that are too low.

Green Tea and Testosterone

Green tea is healthy for you. Especially when it hasn’t been loaded with a bunch of unnecessary sugars. The leaf’s green tea testosteronepacked with antioxidants; and has been proven to protect cardiovascular heath.  Women sometimes use the ingredient as an essential part of their skin-care regime. But its benefits aren’t only seen when used by the fairer sex. Consuming green tea may help to boost testosterone naturally.

How Green Tea Stops The Testosterone Decline

A hormone called Androgen reacts with testosterone and transforms it into estrogen. This process begins to take over as we age. Some studies have suggested that a chemical in green tea may stop the production of Androgen, thus saving your body’s naturally-made testosterone.

The Best Way To Consume It

While it’s traditionally brewed in a hot cup of water, that isn’t your only option. You can purchase green tea supplements if you’re one of the few who can’t stand the taste. This will consist of a small capsule to swallow. Those of us who find green tea delicious should restrict ourselves to less than a litter a day. Consuming more than that amount could cause an unhealthy imbalance in hormone levels.

Green Tea Shakes, Fraps And Desserts

Not in to hot tea? But still love that bitter, mellow taste? Green tea powder is used in frappuccinos at Starbucks. You won’t find it listed on their main-menu. But they’ll know what you mean if you ask for it by name. Simply tell the barista you want a green tea frap.  Unfortunately, the sugar content’s pretty high, but you’re still getting the green tea. Unlike many of the other beverages on their menu, this one is low in caffeine.

You can also buy green tea shake-powder. Just make sure it has actual green-tea in it, and isn’t just flavored. Be sure not to exceed the recommended serving amount. Green tea can reach toxic levels in the body.

What Happens When Too Much Green Tea is Consumed?

While green tea’s naturally rich in a lot of good things, there’s one chemical that’s present in it which can be harmful to the body in high amounts. Fluoride has a good reputation as a cavity repellent. But when too much of it’s consumed, it can disrupt thyroid-hormone production. Which may, in turn cause a lower level of testosterone in the body.

While testosterone isn’t produced by the thyroid, chemicals that regulate it are. If one part of the body’s affected by something, the rest of your body will suffer some affect too. Especially when it comes to one of your major organs.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Get Green Tea?

If you’re interested in saving money, nothing’s going to be cheaper than buying tea-packets. Tea packets have to be submerged in boiling water to work, but that doesn’t mean you cant ice the beverage later for a delicious, southern, treat.

Matcha Powder: Is It The Same Thing?

Matcha powder is green tea. It comes with the same health benefits and risks that traditional green tea does. It’s important to consider the density of matcha powder. It has a much higher amount of green tea in it, so it should be consumed sparingly.

When you order a green tea latte or frap, you’re probably getting matcha powder anyway. In other countries, finding green tea flavored treats is as common as finding vanilla in America. The flavor is most popular in Japan.

Signs Green Tea Isn’t Right For You

If you’ve been noticing negative changes in your health, it may be that you’re consuming too much green tea. Consuming more green tea than recommended isn’t necessary. It works well enough in small amounts. Some people are allergic to one of the many chemicals found in green tea leaves. In which case, the testosterone benefits aren’t worth it.

Green tea and testosterone: It’ll Work For You

There’s no need to entertain the idea of buying performance-enhancing drugs. Why would you put your health and freedom at risk when there’s a natural way to combat low-T and perform better at sports? Simply pick your favorite way to consume green tea. It doesn’t matter how you get it. As long as you end up consuming the leaves somehow.

Vitamin C and Testosterone

how vitamc impacts testosterone levelsVitamin C, which is also known as Ascorbic Acid is a water-soluble vitamin. Even though our body is unable to manufacture vitamin C on its own, the vitamin helps our body form collagen in blood vessels, muscles cartilage and bones. Vitamin C does help the body to absorb iron and this is the reason why dietitians regularly suggest to eat a spinach salad with orange slices or strawberries on top. It is a known fact that the body does not make vitamin C and we get this valuable mineral from foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits and sometimes in supplements.

The article below gets quite technical so if you are looking for a quick answer, just know that vitamin C does help in increasing testosterone levels and increased intake of this vitamin is certainly advised. The main thing is to make sure that you do not have a deficiency and you should be fine.

Mortality In U.S Adults

It is advisable for men with low testosterone to avoid jumping immediately on testosterone therapy and this is for a good reason. Therefore, it is important to look for natural ways to increase testosterone.

According to statistics, low vitamin C levels may increase the risk of mortality from cardiovascular and cancer disease. The Serum Ascorbate concentration was measured in adults as a part of the second National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey back in the years; 1976–1980. Vital status was ascertained 12–16 years later.

The Result

The good thing is that Vitamin C has been proven to help in boosting testosterone because it offers a lot of benefits to our bodies. Vitamin C at megadose levels has been shown to lower cortisol responses to heavy exercise. An increased level of cortisol is associated with a decrease in testosterone. For this reason, Vitamin C could easily lead to an indirect increase in testosterone levels in some men. The good thing about Vitamin C is that it can do a lot in your body, which includes; protecting the skin.

It is important to note that Vitamin C is non-acidic so it is not too hard on your stomach. NOTE: it is advisable to always take vitamin C with no fat in the stomach. According to research, it showed that vitamin C supplements increase nitrosamine levels in the body with even 10% fat in the stomach.

The Role Of Vitamin C

The truth is that Vitamin C plays a big role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer as well. These are the 2 leading causes of mortality in the United States Of America. By scavenging free radicals, vitamin C may protect LDLs and DNA from oxidative damage and, consequently, prevents atherogenesis and carcinogenesis. Vitamin C is also known to inhibit atherogenesis through its role in the synthesis of collagen and prostacyclin.

At the same time, vitamin C may protect against cancer through other mechanisms, like enhancement of immune function and detoxification of carcinogens. Even though research and statistics from prospective cohort showed that, there is a relationship between total mortality and vitamin C.

Analytic Sample

There is a little difference between the selected baseline characteristics and the participants with those missing as well as to those available with ascorbate serum information. On the other hand, the research showed that systolic blood pressure was significantly higher in women compared to men with missing data. It later showed that on an average, men with missing serum ascorbate information reported smoking a fewer cigarettes at baseline compared to men with available data.

Moreover, 2% of participants were excluded because of missing data for established cardiovascular disease and cancer risk factors. About 16% of the remaining 8451 participants were excluded because of a history of heart disease or cancer. Participants with a history of physician-reported stroke or heart attacks, or who reported symptoms of angina, as determined by a modified Rose questionnaire, were considered to have heart disease.

Data Analysis

The relative risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and total mortality were estimated from hazard ratios derived from Cox proportional hazard models. Person-years of follow-up for each participant were calculated from baseline examination to the date of death or 31 December 1992.

The inclusion of time-dependent variables in the initial Cox models confirmed that the proportional hazards assumption was met. Relative risk estimates were initially adjusted. Multivariate models also included race like African, American Vs. Other, educational level, smoking intensity, alcohol consumption, diabetes status, serum total cholesterol concentrations, systolic blood pressure, and BMI.

The Bottom Line

Well, according to all of the research, statistics and reports including the above, it shows that Vitamin C does indeed help in increasing testosterone.Another thing to be wary of is that the information above shows that a man with low serum concentrations could have an increased risk of mortality. This is because of an increase in danger of getting cancer.

If you are looking for more info like this, check out our article on Vitamin A and testosterone

Vitamin A and Testosterone Levels

Vitamin A testosteroneVitamin A is one of the essential vitamins that people of both genders should take in to ensure good health. It is actually listed as one of the 24 nutrients that are considered essential for long-term survival.  However, while the name suggests that it is just one single nutrient, the phrase ‘vitamin A’ refers to a group of different nutrients, including retinoic acids, retinol and retinal as well as some carotenoids which are not actually vitamin A themselves, but that the body can convert into Vitamin A.

Why Does This Matter?

Vitamin A is essential for a lot of different processes within the body. If you don’t get enough of it in your diet then you will start to go blind and the functioning of your immune system will become impaired. In addition, you will suffer from fertility problems and your body would not be able to absorb dietary fat properly, which would create even more problems because you would end up with a deficiency of a number of other fat-soluble nutrients.

So Does Vitamin A Increase Testosterone Levels?

Recent research suggests that there are some links between testosterone production and Vitamin A. It is known that vitamin A can be found in the form of retinal within the Sertoli cells in the testicles. The body can convert it into retinoic acid if required.

In studies that have been conducted on rodents, it has been found that if there is no vitamin A in the testicles, then the rodent’s testosterone levels will fall rapidly while their estrogen levels will increase.

The main theory for why this occurs relates to the issue of vitamin A and fat absorption. Dietary fat is important for testosterone production – so if you are deficient in vitamin A then this will mean that your body won’t be able to use the dietary fat in your diet to produce testosterone.

In addition, vitamin A is used to make transferrin, which is a compound that is used to take cholesterol to the Leydig cells in the testicles. That cholesterol is used to make testosterone. If you don’t have enough vitamin A in your diet, then your body won’t be able to make testosterone efficiently.

A Look at the Studies

There have been a few studies conducted on humans. One looked at 155 twin men and found that vitamin A had a significant positive impact on testosterone levels. Another study took 102 boys who were short in stature and had been through delayed puberty, and divided them into four different groups. One was given synthetic testosterone, one was given vitamin A and iron supplements, one was given both TRT and the supplements, and then the final group was a control group.

The control group did not gain any significant amount of height or benefit from accelerated puberty. However, interestingly enough, the vitamin A and iron group noticed similar gains in height and in puberty rate as well as testicular volume as the group that was given TRT.

What Does This Mean for Men and Nutrition?

These studies show that vitamin A deficiencies are a bad thing for men. However, not all men who are deficient in testosterone will be suffering from problems related to Vitamin A. There are many other reasons why someone might have lower than normal testosterone levels. They could be lacking in fat-soluble nutrients or vitamin D, or they could have an underlying medical condition.

If you are concerned about your testosterone levels, it is worth cleaning up your diet first of all, but if a healthy diet does not make a difference to how you feel, then you should talk to your doctor about your problems so that they can rule out any serious medical conditions. Do not start by taking mega-doses of vitamins without talking to a doctor first, particularly if you are taking any prescription medications or taking other supplements. A lot of supplements can interact with other vitamins and minerals, and this could cause serious health problems, or make your medication less effective. It pays to be cautious with the things you put into your body – even over the counter products.

Recommended Diet

A great diet you could try is the Man Diet by Chad Howse, if you are looking for a step-by-step diet plan that is specially formulated for naturally boosting testosterone levels, it’s about as optimized as you can get. Click here to find out more about the Man Diet.

Recommended Supplements

If you are looking for a great supplement that gives you all the vitamins and minerals you need to naturally boost testosterone levels, you should try Prime Male. I actually use Prime Male myself – to see my review and personal results click here.





Black Tea and Testosterone

Personally, I love a cup of black tea in the afternoon while I’m working but want I want to black tea testosteroneknow is, does black tea help or hinder my testosterone levels?

Black tea does contain caffeine and there is evidence from one study performed on rats to suggest that caffeine may actually help to increase levels of testosterone in men. Caffeine has also been tied directly to increases in libido.

However, black tea is loaded with polyphenols which although help in promoting health, can actually harm testosterone levels in high amounts (study).

>> Note: We highly recommend this diet plan to increase testosterone naturally.

Additionally, fluoride is present in black tea and when too much accumulates in the brain, it causes cell death. This can also work against the body and worsen the impact of other chemicals in the body and lead to such conditions as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

When Black Tea is consumed, it breaks down in the body and begins a fermentation process that converts the chemicals in the tea to other, less effective chemicals within the body.

These less effective chemicals work against testosterone levels and can in fact, actually lower the levels within the body. When Black Tea is consumed on a regular basis, men will find that although they may be reaping a few benefits from Black Tea, they are in fact lowering their testosterone to levels that will be counterproductive to their libido and their health.

While Black Tea may be a delicious beverage, it’s not helpful for testosterone production or cognitive function.

Not that the occasional mug of hot Black Tea is all bad, however, it must, as all things, be drank in moderation and it’s important to keep in mind the impact it will have upon t levels.

In conclusion, if you are serious about increasing you t levels that it may be best to lay off the black tea. However, an occasional cup every now and then is completely fine. I for one continue to drink a cup every second day and my testosterone levels are completely healthy.

For information on a great step-by-step diet that will optimize your testosterone levels, click here.







Spinach and Testosterone


spinach testosteroneSpinach can be surprisingly helpful in providing a boost to testosterone levels. A few years ago, this leafy green became known as the first official super-food and it hasn’t looked back. It’s known to help fight cancer, weak bones, the general cold and everything in between. Even Popeye used it as the world’s quickest ever muscle building supplement. All jokes aside, spinach can be incredibly useful in promoting the rise of t levels among men. Below we will get into exactly how it does that.

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Contains Magnesium

Spinach contains Magnesium which has been proven to be super effective at boosting t levels. In one study, researchers recorded the levels of testosterone and magnesium in 399 men with an average age of 74 years. They found that higher serum magnesium levels correlated positively with higher magnesium level and this was consistent across all the men. In another study, two groups of athletes were separated, and one of the groups was give magnesium supplements daily for 4 weeks while the other group was used as a control. The results showed a marked difference between the two groups with the group given Magnesium recording significantly higher free testosterone levels. However, it should be noted that both groups saw increases in testosterone due to the fact that they were both exercising a lot during that time frame. This reinforces the idea that foods like spinach combined with a lot of hard exercise will be a lethal combination in raising free testosterone levels.

Spinach is very high on the list of foods that give you the most magnesium bang for your back. The spinach should be cooked to be most effective and 1 cup (180g) of cooked spinach will give you around 157mg of Magnesium or 39% of the daily recommended value for an adult. So a few measuring cups of spinach a day will certainly steer you in the right direction.

Has Effective Vitamins

The amount of Magnesium you get from spinach is the main reason why we recommend it but it also gives you significant amounts of vitamin b6 and iron which are also great for boosting t levels.

How We Like to Eat It

Here at Natural Testosterone Secrets, we prefer to cook up some frozen spinach with breakfast in the morning and mix it with some garlic (for taste) and have it on toast with an egg. Fresh spinach definitely tastes better but it goes off super quickly and you will have to go the store way too often, frozen should do the trick for what you need. The egg also helps to promote testosterone production.

Spinach and Libido

Spinach is probably best known for its ability to help boost libido and help with erectile dysfunction by lowering blood pressure and increasing the ability of the body to pump blood to all of its extremities if you catch my drift. It does this by increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the body.


But whatever your reason for wanting to raise your testosterone levels, whether it be to increase libido, get more energy or increase strength, spinach should really help to do the job well for you. If you want to get the most from it, then be sure to pair it up with a strict exercise regime and I guarantee you will see a boost in testosterone levels if you are not already exercising regularly (exercise on its own will help to raise testosterone levels even if you don’t eat spinach).

I hope this article has been useful for you and that you will at least give spinach a try. Feel free to leave your thoughts and send in your results to the comments box below.

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